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Top 5 Ways to Stay Connected During Quarantine

Top 5 Ways to Stay Connected During Quarantine

At Jeff Cook Real Estate, we value family. Our JCRE family has been staying safe and healthy while practicing social distancing and working remotely. We commend the first responders who are working the front lines to keep us all safe and are thankful to be able to still support our clients remotely. 

Family and friends all over the world are finding new ways to connect with one another as we all learn to adapt and overcome. At Jeff Cook Real Estate, we’re learning that we can still serve our clients in the best way possible; even while completely remote. Here are a few ways we’ve found we can stay connected while keeping our social distance: 

Video Calls

Almost everyone is using Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Facetime to tackle work while at home or to simply connect with their loved ones. At Jeff Cook Real Estate, our agents and employees are hosting Zoom Meetings to catch up with clients and collaborate with one another. Our against are conducting virtual open houses via zoom to help clients with their home buying or selling needs. Our Paint Party, featuring Wine & Design’s virtual services, allowed the entire company to come together for a few hours of creativity! 

Learn Together

Ever wondered what your favorite animals at the zoo are up to all hours of the day? If you’ve got kids at home and want to take this opportunity to broaden their horizons, consider streaming a zoo’s webcam. Another idea is to host a virtual trivia night with friends and neighbors to cultivate learning in a fun way. Our agents are also conducting virtual home buying and selling webinars bi-weekly to help educate potential buyers and sellers on the real estate market. 

Decorate the Outside of Your Home

Do you have a neighborhood Facebook Group? If so, you may have seen some of the encouraging messages children are writing along sidewalks and driveways to connect with those around them. If you want to leave your own message or simply destress with creating art, grab some sidewalk chalk and join in on the fun from afar. 

Group Chat

You may already have a busy group chat with family members or close friends, but the more the merrier! Consider creating group chats for old friends you want to reconnect with or just friends you haven’t been able to see since the pandemic began. This is a great way to stay connected with friends from work, the gym, or school. Some suggested apps are Whatsapp, Groupme, or even House Party, where you can video chat and play interactive games with a group of friends!

Help a Neighbor in Need

Take this extra time as an opportunity to help out a neighbor in need who may not be able to get their own groceries or necessities. If you’re unsure of who may be in need of help nearby, post on your neighborhood Facebook group and offer to assist anyone who may need it. Expressing gratitude and appreciation for your neighbors is an encouraging way to stay connected while also social distancing. 

Throughout a time of isolation and confusion, we can find hope by reaching out to our neighbors. Neighborhoods all over the country are leaving encouraging notes to be found by others out walking. Toilet paper, groceries, and other necessities are being delivered to at-risk neighbors who aren’t able to leave their homes. While it can be difficult at times to see a silver lining, remember to practice gratitude. At Jeff Cook Real Estate, we are available to help families stay safe in a new home and continue serving the community as we navigate the effects of the coronavirus. 

When considering selling your home or even buying a new one during times of uncertainty, it’s important to rely on the experts that will get the job done. At Jeff Cook Real Estate, we understand that our clients need an expert to guide them through the home selling/buying process. An agent who knows the local area and can accurately determine your real estate needs is key when it comes to selling fast and receiving top dollar for your home. Although we are putting the health and safety needs of our clients, agents, and employees first, Jeff Cook Real Estate is still able to serve you virtually! 

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