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Increase the Value of Your Property with These Design Ideas

Are you planning to sell your home? If that’s the case, you probably want to get your money’s worth or even more. This is a perfectly logical idea that’s more than possible – if you take the time to do a little design makeover. Certain features and design elements may seem costly upfront, but they can pay off considerably once you put your home on the market. In case you’re interested in boosting your home’s resale value, consider the following projects.

Update Your Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in one’s home, especially when it comes to selling it. After all, no one wants to deal with small or outdated kitchens when they move in. In that respect, repainting or replacing the cabinets and other elements as well as creating some functionality in the layout is the best way to go. It’s essential that you don’t go overboard, though. Keep in mind that your kitchen should match the overall look and feel of the rest of the home. An open floor plan or a kitchen island are proper investments but turning this area into a huge restaurant kitchen is not.

Go with Energy-Efficient Appliances

If you want a big and proper change for your kitchen, focus your attention and investment to energy-efficient appliances. Of course, there are appliances outside the kitchen and these should be considered, too, but most of the appliances are located in the kitchen and can waste a lot of energy if not star-rated. In that respect, you should replace your old appliances with new ones that actually contribute to the sustainability of the home.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Every bit as important as your kitchen, the bathroom should be next on your redesign list. In general, spa-like design is very popular at the moment, with no tub showers and free-standing tubs. However, if you don’t have the room or the means for such a redesign project, you can make a difference with other projects. Replace broken tiles with new ones. Repaint your bathroom as well. Light blue and green shades, white, grey as well as some earthy tones are very effective for a clean bathroom look. Replace the toilet and the shower battery. Also, add storage room. If there’s no space for cabinets, consider installing floating shelves.

Reinvent a Room

In order to differentiate your property from the rest on the market, you need something interesting. Since it’s important to provide all the essentials in a home and remain relatively neutral, the best way to spruce up your place is to reinvent a room. After all, adding a new room is not the best investment to turn to. Instead, unused space such as basement, attic or any extra room in your home can be transformed into something new and more attractive to potential buyers. If your property is on the smaller side, this can be an extra bedroom. But it can also be a library, an entertainment room, kids’ playground, etc.

Paint and Decorations

It’s true that you should stick to the neutral look when selling your property. In that respect, it would be best to opt for neutral paint when giving a fresh coat to your interior. However, it always fares better when there’s something more unique to the whole environment without the actual clutter or vibrant shades. In that respect, don’t hesitate to check your options when it comes to decorative moldings, skirtings, mantelpieces, shelf fronts, etc. 

Add a Deck

Interior is very important for increasing your home’s value but don’t forget the exterior either. Specifically, the yard area where the future owners will be able to rest and enjoy themselves. A proper deck area can boost the resale value of the property considerably and for a good reason. After all, what’s the point of having a yard, your own natural oasis, if you can’t enjoy it properly? If you’re handy and have some skills in this department, you can earn plenty by adding a deck on your own. Still, even if you hire a professional to build a deck for you, you can expect a great return of investment.

Replace Doors and Windows

This isn’t always necessary, but don’t disregard this particular project just yet. Even though your doors and windows may be perfectly fine, consider whether new, fancier alternatives could drastically change the overall look of your home. The truth is this often is the case. Better quality wood and more intricate design of the doors feel luxurious. Furthermore, double-glazed windows are a must if you don’t already have these installed. These improve the insulation properties of your home thus upping its price.

Keep in mind that design practices meant for boosting your home’s resale value should never be personal – or at least not too personal. You never know what the potential buyer might like, which is precisely why you should stick to the timeless trends like Mid-Century Modern Design

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