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Budget-Friendly Kitchen Upgrades to Help Sell Your House

Prepping your home for sale can be a headache. You want to make it more attractive to potential buyers, but you don’t want to break the bank. Plus, upgrading your home pre-sale is meant to make it more attractive, and therefore worth a higher asking price. If you spend too much on upgrades, you lose a substantial amount of that extra money. 

Any real estate professional will tell you — kitchens sell homes. It is the single room with the highest potential for making or breaking a sale, and for getting you the price you want. But what should you do to enhance your kitchen? Here are some budget-friendly kitchen upgrades you should consider when prepping your home for sale

Scrub and Organize Your Kitchen

If your budget is tight, you can still make your kitchen as impressive as possible by simply giving it a good scrub down from ceiling to floor. Cooking and use causes grease and dirt to build up on every surface, leaving a dingy appearance. Scrub walls, cabinets, appliances, and floors to remove dirt and grime and leave behind a clean gleam and odor. 

Clutter is a killer when selling a home, and the kitchen is often a room that collects more than its fair share. A quick trip to the local dollar store for some inexpensive bins and organizers for your drawers and cabinets can make cluttered spaces neat and attractive. Choose colors that match your existing kitchen color, or neutral colors that blend in. 

Add New Cabinet and Drawer Hardware 

New cabinetry can cost a fortune, but new drawer and cabinet hardware is an affordable kitchen upgrade that makes older cabinets look new. Modern designs abound and can usually be found at a local big box home store in a variety of styles and colors. Ask a store professional or other cabinet expert about the latest styles and their recommendations. 

Add an Inexpensive Backsplash

A decorative and functional backsplash above counters and below upper cabinets adds a “wow” factor to any kitchen. Many backsplash options can be found, including stick-on varieties that look like tile, stone, or other materials. These protect your walls from moisture and other substances while adding a nice dash of color or style to your kitchen. 

Add a New Faucet 

An older, outdated, or leaking faucet is a quick, affordable upgrade to improve the appearance and function of your kitchen. Again, many models and styles are usually available at a local big box home store, and a store representative can usually answer your questions. Choose a model that is affordable, but elegant, easy to use, and that blends in with your sink and other appliances. 

Update Lighting 

Updating your kitchen lighting can be more affordable than you may think. Older light fixtures stand out and make potential buyers look closer for other dated parts of your kitchen. Replace overhead lighting with something clear and understated, and consider adding under-cabinet lighting. This can not only be impressive and make work spaces brighter, many varieties are available that can be easily installed and plugged into a nearby outlet, saving you the expense of hiring an electrician. 

More Help with Prepping Your Home for Sale 

There are many other affordable options to consider when prepping your home for sale. Jeff Cook Real Estate can offer many helpful suggestions for your kitchen, other rooms, and outdoor spaces. Contact us today for more help with selling your home in the Carolinas. We can provide experienced guidance and advice to help sell your home faster for the best price. 


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