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7 Tips To Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

Heating systems use up a lot of energy. It could be powered by electricity, gas, or oil, and the result would be the same: heating will eat up a significant portion of your total energy costs.

Since heating systems are indispensable especially if you live in regions where temperatures fall close to zero or even beyond it, the best thing we can do is to find ways that could help us reduce our heating bills. Having a heating system tune-up or maintenance done on a regular basis can go a long way in reducing energy bills. Spending for better insulation at home will also do wonders for energy efficiency. Then there are the following, which are very smart ways of lowering your heating bills:

Dressing for the cold indoors

When it’s freezing out there, you don’t need to crank the thermostat all the way up, not when you’ve dressed appropriately for the weather. Instead of shorts, sleeveless undershirts, or any kind of warm weather clothing, wear sweaters inside the house. You can also go for layers of clothing. If you want to keep your head warm, a beanie will serve you well. 

Yes, wearing thick clothes while inside your home may be convenient, but with the money you’ll save by keeping the thermostat at optimum levels, it will all be worth it.

Letting sunshine into your home

The weather gets so cold that sometimes, we tend to forget that the sun is still out there no matter how low the temperature drops, and it will still give off sunshine and the warmth that comes with it. So draw your curtains or drapes and let the sunshine in during the day. When night falls, just close those drapes to retain heat.

Using ceiling fans

We all need warm air right where we are on the floor, but it is a scientific fact that warm air will always rise. It’s a good thing then that a ceiling fan set to spin clockwise and at low speed can push the warm air down right where the occupants are while drawing cold air upwards at the same time.

Shutting off the heat in idle rooms

You shouldn’t be wasting money heating basements and empty guest rooms, so close off the vents in those areas and divert all the heat to the rooms where you and your family congregate all the time.

Cleaning or replacing your filters

The air filter of your heating system is bound to accumulate dirt and dust over time. Soon enough, all that filth will affect airflow, forcing your heating system to exert more effort to keep everyone warm. All that extra work will then lead to higher electric bills.

Clean or replace your heating system’s air filter every month to ensure smooth airflow and more efficient operation.

Turning down the thermostat at night

The U.S. Department of Energy says we can save approximately 10 percent on our heating bills per year if we set our thermostat 10 to 15 degrees lower than usual for about eight hours every night. While that would mean we’re going to get colder while in bed, we can compensate by using flannel sheets, the fluffy surface of which provides better insulation from the cold.

Not fiddling with the thermostat all the time

The efficiency of your heating system takes a hit if anyone in your household messes with your thermostat frequently. Furnaces and heat pumps are more efficient if they run for longer periods and at a steady rate. Tinkering with the thermostat forces the system to stop and start more often, and that is an inefficient way of keeping your home warm. Just leave the thermostat alone at an optimum setting to save money.

By taking smart, proactive measures and making some changes to your lifestyle, lowering your heating bills should be easy to do. And they wouldn’t cost you that much as well!

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